Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Everyone driving on public roads is expected to have some level of insurance, no matter their age. This therefore means that as soon as your teenage child gets their license, they will need to be covered by insurance. The bad news is that teenagers and younger drivers in general are more prone to getting into accidents, and therefore always get charged high premiums. Furthermore, young male drivers are also charged more as they are considered to be more reckless. Whether you are a parent or the teenager in question, here are important things you need to know about auto insurance.

Parent Policy
It is possible to add your teenage child to your auto insurance cover as a parent. In many states, this is the only option for people under 18 years, since the law does not allow them to take their own policy. Such a move will obviously have its pros and cons. On the pro side, the rates might be cheaper than getting a new policy, especially if the parents have a good track record on their policy. Another benefit is that a parent will qualify for multi-car discount. On the other hand, the premiums might be very high if the parents have a poor safety record. 

The Car Matters
Unfortunately for the teenager, driving an expensive, modern car will automatically attract higher insurance premiums. This is because the insurance company will have to pay more for damages, should such a car be involved in an accident. The rates are also higher for sports cars, since young driver are more likely to get into an accident while driving one. To get lower rates, young drivers are advised to drive family cars, sedans or simply older cars.

Be on the Lookout for Discounts
Some good news for young drivers; there are some proven ways you can use to get a discount on your auto insurance. One, taking a defensive driving course can go a long way in reducing your premiums. Such a course proves that you are a safe driver and therefore less likely to get into an accident. Students with a good GPA can also get a good student discount. Make sure you ask your insurance agent about such discounts and see the ones you qualify for.

Which Coverage?
The same insurance covers that apply to parents such as liability only policy, full coverage and collision also apply for the teenagers. Some, like the liability coverage, is a requirement in most States and you will therefore have to purchase it. To be on the safer side, you can also go for the collision coverage or the comprehensive coverage. The important thing is to balance the cover and the cost, so that you do not place a big financial burden on your shoulders.

Insurance Companies Differ
Although there are many factors that determine the amount of insurance premiums you will pay, different insurance companies have different offerings. With the internet, it is more convenient to compare. There are several reputable websites that you can use to compare the rates for different companies all over the country. Be sure to do sufficient research so as to get the best possible deal. 

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